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Facial Reconstruction

Facial reconstruction by Dr Eva Siolo at The Aesthetic Wellness Practice


When it comes to facial reconstruction, you only want the best, most highly specialised plastic surgeon on your side to repair your face. With a combination of surgical precision and artistry, Dr Eva Siolo is a recognised leader in her field – and the expert you can trust when it comes to major facial reconstruction surgery. Whether you are seeking facial reconstruction after an injury, illness, trauma or birth defect, at The Aesthetic Wellness Practice Dr Eva Siolo has surgical solutions to enhance the appearance of your facial features. In the case of a trauma, she recommends surgery as soon as possible and is available on an emergency basis when needed. Dr Eva Siolo believes that it is her duty to not only restore the greatest level of functionality, but also to help you achieve harmonious, natural-looking results that will last a lifetime. It must also be mentioned that as a female plastic surgeon, she values compassion and is committed to enriching the lives of her patients through improving their quality of life. You don’t need to live with damage to your face – Dr Eva Siolo will help you live fully and confidently.


To find out which facial reconstruction treatment Dr Eva Siolo would recommend for you, visit us at our practice in Sandton, Johannesburg.


  • Treatment of Skin Cancer & Skin Lesions

Removes growths on the skin.

  • Corrective Jaw Surgery

Readjusts or realigns the jaw.

  • Facial Fractions & Lacerations

Restores physical appearance and prevents future problems with breathing, speaking or eating.

  • Cleft Lip Surgery & Cleft Palate Surgery

Closes the cleft defect.

  • Burns & Burn Reconstruction

Repair wounds resulting from burn injury.

  • Chin Surgery

Reshape the chin either by enhancement with an implant or reduction surgery on the bone.

  • Facial Reconstruction & Maxillofacial Surgery

Focuses on reconstructive surgery of the face, oral cavity, head and neck.

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