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Body Procedures

Body procedures by Dr Eva Siolo and her team at The Aesthetic Wellness Practice


To improve your body, you may do many things, such as engaging in a balanced diet and exercise programme. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t always enough to produce the results you had envisioned. After pregnancy or extreme weight loss, for example, your skin may lose its elasticity or stubborn fat deposits may remain where you would rather not have them. Do you feel as though your body doesn’t represent your best self? If this is the case and you have problem areas that you want to correct, there are many body procedures available at The Aesthetic Wellness Practice for a slimmer, more defined look. Dr Eva Siolo and aesthetician Laura Meyers work hand-in-hand to offer a variety of body procedures – for problem areas including the thighs, hips, abdomen or upper arms – to match your specific body sculpting needs. Whether your excess skin needs trimming, your problem areas need slimming or you’re frustrated by unwanted changes in body shape, Dr Eva Siolo and her highly skilled all-female team provide a treatment or surgery that can help you finally attain your dream body.


To find out which body procedure Dr Eva Siolo or aesthetician Laura Meyers would recommend for you, visit us at our practice in Sandton, Johannesburg.


  • Abdominoplasty

Improves the shape and appearance of the abdomen.

  • Large-Volume Liposuction

Removes larger amounts of fat with typical liposuction techniques.

  • VASER Liposculpsure

Slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by combining liposuction techniques with ultrasound technology.

  • Brachioplasty

Addresses excess fat and skin from the arms.

  • Buttock & Thigh Lift

Lifts and tightens loose skin, improving the contour of the thigh and buttock area.

  • Body Lifting & Contouring

Removes excess fat and extra skin.

  • Scar Revision

Minimises a scar so that it blends in with the surrounding skin tone and texture.

  • Fat Transfer

Takes fat from other parts of the body and injects it to enhance the face, hands, breasts, buttocks, perineum or labia.

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